Example of a Minneapolis Remodeling project
ABC is a Minneapolis Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling company
Floor Plans
Basic floor plans show detail items such as fixtures, electrical layouts, and dimensions of the remodeled area. The floor plan is part of the working drawings and usually submitted for permits.

3D Rendering
3D rendering is helpful for the non -visual client. A model is presented for a virtual tour through the designed area. A walk-through can be accomplished from room- to -room or within the designed space.

Photo Rendering
Elevation photos are rendered with 2D images. The photo rendering is a great way to show elevations. This process also allows for custom image imports into the 3D rendered model.

View Options
Some situations call for the option of different design views. Each view may allow for a better presentation of the area being designed. The views are vector, glass house, water color, sketching, framing, cross section, elevation, 3D model, 3D movie, and ray trace.

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Minneapolis Remodeling Design Projects


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